How to set Automatic Short URL

Settings Under Self-Hosted Short URLs

1. Go to Short URL Settings  -> Short -> URL Generation and activate Automatic generation of short urls for posts option

2. If you want to set number of symbols for the short URL, use Short URL Length field. The default value is 5.

3. Define if your short URL will contain lowercases in the Use lowercase letters field

4. Define if your short URL will contain uppercases in the Use uppercase letters field

5. Define if your short URL will contain numbers in the Use numbers field

6. If you have mirror domain, fill it in the Custom short url domain field.

What is mirror domain and why you may need it look here.

7. Update your settings.

Settings Under Easy Social Share Buttons

When you set the parameters for your links under Self-Hosted Short Urls Add-on, go to Easy Social Share Buttons menu settings.

1. Go to  Social Buttons -> Short URL

2. Activate usage of short URL for all social networks

3. Choose Self-Short URL Add-on for Easy Social Share Buttons for short URL type.

4. Update your settings.

If you use cache plugin or have any other cache actions active on your installation, please refresh them.