30+ Networks Supported

Facebook (Page Likes, Profile Followers)
LinkedIn (Company Followers)
YouTube (Channel, User)
Vimeo (Channel, User)
Flickr (Group)

VKontakte (Profile, Community)
Love Counter (with Easy Social Share Buttons only)

WordPress Comments
WordPress Posts
WordPress Users

16 Templates

Be different with our 16 templates that can fit into your site look & feel. You have access to various type of designs including:

  • Iconic templates
  • Round icon templates
  • Outline templates
  • Color templates
  • Tiny templates
  • Set of templates for dark background
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Unique Visual Experiense

  • Build in advanced style customizer with single or multi color mode
  • Display designs with or without space (for any of existing templates)
  • Different total followers style – text before buttons, text after buttons, single button
  • Various column styles – you can display buttons in up to 6 columns including single row fixed with design
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Attention Grabbing Animations

It was never been so easy to grab visitors attention and turn them into followers. We bundle 8 attention grabbing animations that you can use with any of templates that come with Hello Followers.

Tip: You can use different animation for any of your followers displayed on site.

Preview Different Animations

Unique Layout Builder

With the unique layout build you can create your own button display style with simple clicks. We include up to 5 custom layouts that you can have with each installation of plugin.

  • Customized set of networks included
  • Customized column style
  • Individual width of each button
  • Works with all visual styles and templates
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Hello Followers
Join our community of 33.2M social followers

Eye Catching Cover Box Styles

Cover box is a great way to extend your followers style with adding a nice bar with custom text and icon (optional). Cover box has light and dark version and for each of them you can set:

  • Custom background color or background image
  • Custom icon for profile with 3 different styles – round, rounded edges or square
  • Center or left align design
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Profile Analytics

Make it easy to analyze long term followers counter changes.

  • Easy to use – once you active Hello Followers it will automatically collect data
  • Overview of all networks and last month dynamics
  • Single network summary report for last 30 days including followers change and summary report by year, month, date or day of the week
  • Detailed period report for all or selected networks
  • Period compare report for all or selected networks

Visual Composer Supported

Use followers counter any where in your content build with Visual Composer. You have two ready to use elements for followers counter or total followers.

Did you know that most featured Social Sharing Plugin for WordPress has also followers counter included?

Checkout the difference between light module that comes with Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress and Hello Followers.

  • Hello Followers

    • 16 Templates
    • Various Column Layouts
    • 8 Animations
    • Basic Color Customizer
    • Shortcode display
    • Widget
    • Visual Composer Support
    • Advanced Color Customizer
    • Unique Layout Builder
    • Cover Box Styles
    • Display User Selected Networks
    • Social Profile Analytics

  • Followers Counter in Easy Social Share Buttons

    • 16 Templates
    • Various Column Layouts
    • 8 Animations
    • Basic Color Customizer
    • Shortcode display
    • Widget
    • Visual Composer Support